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The following services are just some we provide for those we contract with ranging from small mom & pop sole proprietors, to larger commercial corporations and government organizations. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us, consultation is free!



  • I.T. contracting and consultation. On-site, in-shop, and remote tech support.
  • Proactive, reactive, and emergency response.
  • Network infrastructure installation, mapping & diagram, troubleshooting, and security.
  • Cybersecurity, establish SOPs, insurance and government security compliance.
  • Encryption, CUI safeguarding, HIPAA compliance, multi-factor authentication.
  • Data and encryption, security, redundancy (backups), recovery, migration, eradication and forensics.
  • Law Enforcement, Dispatch, Fire, & EMS proprietary systems.
  • Server, PC, laptop repair, implementation, setup, migration, construction, and warranty.
  • Web and graphic design, hosting, search engine optimization (SEOs), ecommerce, and marketing.
  • Surveillance system installation, maintenance, timelapse, and forensics.
  • Fleet vehicle surveillance, dash cams, GPS tracking, and computer monitoring and modification.
  • Emergency response vehicle equipment installation.
  • Employee time tracking, accountability, and monitoring.
  • Cloud computing services, mobile integration, remote systems access (VPN, RDP, etc).
  • Mobile computing, MDMs, VOIP systems, mass deployment.
  • Endpoint protection and response, virus, malware, ransomware removal and prevention.
  • Threat detection & firewall masking.
  • A.I. Integration, training and education.
  • Video capture, drone, dashcam, GoPro, 4K digital, webcam, timelapse, surveillance, and more.
  • Audio/video systems, DMX, church and event lighting.
  • Digital & VOIP phone systems installation and maintenance.
  • Ongoing staff and volunteer training, tutoring, and education.
  • Remote monitoring, alerts, and response.
  • Microsoft 365, business, office, financial, scheduling, and other software.
  • Programming, and special needs accommodations.
  • Outside consultation and review services.