Special Needs Accommodations

We offer a variety of special needs accommodations, from minor things like shortcuts for repetitive tasks to major equipment overhauls to meet any custom needs.


We have created programs used by big business and individuals alike to make there jobs easier and more efficient. If you have a custom need for your computer, please let us know; we can discuss the possibilities and what will work best to suit your needs. When software isn't enough, we also offer hardware modifications. From custom keyboards, and foot pedals capable of being programmed to do what you want them to do, to fully customizable computers and hardware/desk modifications.


If you have questions, or if this is something you're interesting in learning more about, please contact us!


Helpful Tips

You may be able to save some money. Check out the freebies section under 'Online Help'. There, you will find solutions to some common computer problems as well as free advice and detailed instructions on how to fix them!