Document Scanning

Our document scanning service will convert your papers and hard copies to digital records saving you time and space plus giving you a digital backup in the process. Entire file cabinets can be reduced down to one CD that can be easily backed up to keep your data safe. Where records are subject to hazards such as floods, fires, theft, and deterioration, data can be kept password protected, free from degradation, backed up, and duplicated to prevent loss of those important records.


With our OCR (optical character recognition) software we can convert those documents into various forms of editable text files. Lists and tables can even be scanned into Excel files. All documents can be scanned into .PDF files for better security and navigation.


File Formats:

Documents can be scanned into the following file formats:


  • PDF
  • CSV
  • WPD
  • JPG
  • RTF
  • XLS
  • TXT
  • DOC


These are just some, others are available as well. Let us know what you are looking for!


Extras: (Prices below)


  • Organization. Many have arrange their documents just the way they like them using, folders, boxes, envelopes, etc.. With this feature we replicate that same organization onto the computer. Instead of all scans going into the same place, they all are put in respective folders on the digital media mimicking the organization we receive them in. For example, if you had 3 boxes, we'll say for expenses, purchase orders, and invoices. Instead of all documents being scanned into the same folder, there would be a separate folder for each. Folder 1 would have all the documents from the expenses box in it, folder 2 would have all the documents from the purchase orders box, etc...
  • Labeling. Labeling is the next step in organization. If you've labeled your boxes, envelopes, or even individual documents etc.. we too can label the folders and file names to reflect those. For example, if you had a box labeled "2010 invoices", and within you had invoices individually labeled for customers, we would create a folder called "2010 invoices", and within we would name each respective scan to match it's hard copy name such as "HelperTek Invoice, 07/07/2010"
  • Increased Resolution. With the latest in DPI technology we can increase the resolution of the scan on each document to increase it's dimensions and size bringing clarity to fine print, hard to read documents.




We offer several different types of storage. Unless specified by the customer, the storage we use depends on the amount of storage required. We upload your documents to CD-R's, DVD-R's, or various sizes of Flash Drives. Where 1 CD isn't sufficient we use DVD's. Where 1 DVD isn't sufficient we use Flash Drives. We increase the size of the flash drive as needed. Storage device costs are included in our price per page quotes. We also offer online storage for customers that would prefer to download or view the documents directly from our servers.




As you can see below our pricing is straight forward, we don't have any hidden fees. In our estimates we try to encompass the entirety of the transaction so that you know the end total. This includes our price per page, any increase in the price per page costs based on extras chosen (if any), costs for storage, as well as costs for shipping the items back to you. For a free estimate and consultation please contact us by one of the methods listed in the 'Contact Us' section of our website.




Our costs are based on a price per page and our base charge is 10¢ each. This price is lowered with our volume discounts as listed below. For quantities less than 500 there will be an additional base charge of $10. This charge covers processing and any return shipping and handling or our own delivery costs.


Prices: (per page)

Standard Price

With Organization
With Labeling
Increased Resolution +3¢/ea


Volume Discounts:



1st, Read over the options listed here and when you're ready fill out and submit this Order Form . If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by one of the methods listed under the 'Contact Us' section of our website. This will give us a chance to discuss options, pricing, and go over any additional questions you may have.


2nd is delivery, getting the documents to us. Our local customers can either drop off the pictures or have them picked up by one of our staff. For our out of area customers we insist on insured shipping. Please include your full name, address, and phone number with your shipment.


3rd, is our part! The size of the order and options chosen by the customer will determine the length of time needed to complete the digital conversion.


4th is payment. Though we go over estimates on the phone, and we strictly adhere to our price per page quotes, some variable factors can alter those figures. Page count for example. Customers will often estimate how many pages they have, but once we've completed the digital conversion we have an accurate figure of how many. We calculate that according to our price per page quote. To make a payment or see acceptable payment methods, (click here).


5th and final is return delivery. After receiving payment we will ship back to you both your original documents, as well as your new digitally converted copies. And if chosen by the customer, we'll send you a link so you can view or download your documents from our servers.


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