Telephone Support

  Telephone support offers the quickest turnaround in communications. If your problem is detailed and requires rapid dialogue this is likely the way to go. That said, and this goes for email and forum support as well, It can be quite difficult for us to fix a problem having someone else be our eyes and ears, especially if that person lacks technical experience. There are just to many variables for someone to take in, and then try and relay those to us. It may even be quicker for us to respond and fix the problem than it would be for us to try to solve it over the phone.


  Do not take this as us shunning away your phone call, we are happy to help, we just want you to realize the circumstances that involve technical support. Even large companys have a series of steps they walk you through and if it doesn't solve the problem they have you ship the computer back. So we recommend you keep all this in mind when calling us for technical support. We will help you the best we can, but we may recommend setting up an on site appointment for follow up.


  If you need to reach us by phone our number is 360-780-3093


Helpful Tips

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