Email Support

  Email support is our preferred method of technical support. Email allows us, if needed, to research your problem and return a detailed response accompanied by instructions and screenshots to walk you through each step of resolving your issue. Email also allows you, (and us), to communicate within available time. On top of that, email allows you to have a copy for yourself that you can refer to as many times as you need to.


  Email support is limited to what would be labled minor fixes. There is only so much you can do remotely via technical support. Often there are too many variables for someone to take in and then relay those to us. However, feel free to email us with your problem/symptoms so we can help evaluate your situation and follow up with you or recommend you schedule an appointment depending on the complexity of the issue.


  We do charge our normal hourly rate for technical support via email. If we estimate it to be cheaper and faster for us to respond and fix the problem we will voice that to you. If we do not need to respond, this eliminates travel time, therefore we wave our minimum half hour charge.


  If you need to reach us by email, our address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Helpful Tips

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