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1   Link   testmy.net
This is simply the best bandwidth test available. Whether testing your upload, or download speed this will give you the most detailed results. It's easy, once your at the site choose whether or not you want to test your upload or download speed, then pick what type of test. Smarttest is probably the best way to go. It will then tell you how you did, and how you compare to others with the same service in your area.
2   Link   speedtest.net
speedtest.net is an excellent bandwidth measuring tool to not just measure your bandwidth, but to measure your bandwidth between you and various locations across the world.
3   Link   canyouseeme.org
This is an excellent tool to see if certain ports are open on your computer/network. This is a great way to see if your firewall is blocking, or if you wish, forwarding ports to computers on your network.
4   Link   networksolutions.com/whois/index.jsp
Curious who owns a domain, for example if you want to see who owns google.com type that in the whois search on this page. You will be surprised at how much information is available to those who know how to search for it.
5   Link   checkor.com
This is an open relay check tool to see if your email server is secure. This will attempt to send an email through your mailer service, and if it's successful then you know that anyone can send emails through your server, which is a spammers delight.
6   Link   whatismyipaddress.com
Curious what your ip address is? Want more detailed information about someone elses ip address, use this tool to not only look up where they are located, but what ISP their using, and even see if their ip is on known "black" lists for being a threat to other internet users.
7   Link   numion.com/calculators/time.html
Wondering how long that download is going to take you? Here is an excellent calculator to give you an idea.
8   Link   evaphone.com
Want to make a phone call over the internet to anyone in the world? For free? Here is a site to do just that. There is an ad that displays before the call is put through and the length of this ad varies depending on how far from your location the call is going.

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