Get Your Computer Off the Floor


  2/3rds of all dust that collects inside a computer can be eliminated by raising your computer to at least 1 foot off the floor. The reason being is that most particles and dust in the air that is heavy enough to really plug up your computer resides at this level. Pet hair for example is too heavy to keep afloat for extended periods of time, so when someone walks by and kicks it up, it usually doesn't travel higher than a foot off the ground before it settles again, thus never allowing your computer if raised higher than a foot, opportunity to vacuum it in. Any dust particles heavy enough to float higher than a foot are usually small enough to either travel through your computer, or to easily be vacuumed out later.


  It's been my experience that it's usually the fans, or things near the fans inside your computer that take the brunt of any incoming dust. As this builds up the cooling that those fans offer diminishes and overall can reduce the life expectancy, and performance of your computer. With the latest technology now in the new Intel Processors, heat can not only cause your computer to crash sooner, but in the meantime it can actually slow your computer down. This technology works in a way that as your processor heats up and nears it's thermal junction (max operating temperature), the processor will actually slow down, which slows down everything your computer does, in order to keep it from overheating. This is a good thing in that it helps your processor prevent overheating to the point of damage, but the by-product is a slow computer that gives little indication that there is a problem. Many computers have a fail safe device that will shut the computer completely off before allowing the computer to reach dangerous temperatures. Many of you have experienced this during hot summer months.


  All this is why proper cooling is important, and this starts with eliminating things such as dust which can hinder the cooling process. Another factor that multiplies dust problems is cigarette smoke. Most smokers are aware of how cigarette smoke can discolor things in your house, and even leave a sticky residue behind. But what is often overlooked is how that sticky residue acts as glue inside your computer attaching dust, hair, and anything else that manages to float in to the expensive parts inside your computer. While most dust that is sucked into your computer, with proper cooling, is also pushed out, but with the tar left from cigarette smoke this is not the case, and causes the build up of dust inside the computer to multiply much faster than it would normally. Some easy solutions to this are first to get some sort of air purifier, I have seen them working in environements exposed to heavy smoking and they do an excellent job. Plus they recycle and produce clean air for all to breathe as well. Another solution that applies to smokers, an non-smokers alike is to get fan filters for your computer. These are inexpensive running around $3 - $5 each for quality ones and they halt most unwanted material from entering your computer. The downside is both these solutions require cleaning on a regular basis, but overall help the computer remain healthy.


Helpful Tips

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