Always Choose "Custom Installation"


  Even though the software you're installing recommends choosing "Express Install", or "Automatic Install" it is more beneficial to you to choose "Custom Installation". It's no new news that companies these days look out for their own best interest first, not yours. What does this mean for installing? Well with their focus being "how can this best profit us", you can bet the install will reflect that attitude. This surfaces in things like unwanted toolbars showing up in your browser, allowing their company, or their sponser such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, and the like to always have an advertisement in view no matter what webpage your at. Other unwanted things can happen too when you choose "express installation". Additional programs can be installed along with the one that you thought was the only one installing. They may even install programs that run in the background hogging your system resources. By choosing express install you may skip some settings that can heavily effect your computer. Most programs these days want to be running all the time, even if your not using them. Even now if you opened up your task manager (right click on the start bar and click on task manager) and go to processes, there may be a slew of programs using up your resources that shouldn't be. Alot of times this can be prevented by simply saying no to an option, or unchecking a box that you would have been presented with had you chosen to do a custom installation. With the advancements in technology and almost everyone having 'always on' internet access (DSL, Cable, Satellite, Fiber Optics) instead of dial up, most of the latest programs are now automatically connecting to the internet, and it's scary. Many programs will ask if they can do this in options listed in custom install, but with automatic or express install it sets it up this way by default.


  Many programs even using custom install will not allow you to have the option on whether or not their program can connect to the internet, this is where a program such as Zone Alarm comes in, (You can download it under our Free Software section). While the default Windows firewall may help prevent intruders and unwanted things from the internet accessing your computer, it does not prevent programs on your computer from accessing the internet. Zone Alarm does, and it's free! You will be amazed at just how many programs are accessing the internet once you install it. Each attempt will prompt you with a window saying the name of the program and what it's trying to access. For example it may say such and such program is trying to access the internet, it will then give you the option to "allow" or "deny" access. There is even a box to check that will remember the option you chose and will automatically do that every time for that program. This is so that programs such as Internet Explorer which need to access the internet so that you can browse it can be allowed to do so everytime without repeatedly prompting you to every time you go to use it. Other programs such as Bonjour Service, which is an update program for Java which only updates every month (so why does it need to access the internet every day?), can be denied every time as it will try and access the internet every time you turn your computer on. There are many programs that transmit data to their parent company that allow them to build up statisics on things like how many times you run your program, how long you use it, what type of computer you have etc.. While most of this is done anonymously, I still don't like my computer transmitting information about me, or my computer habits, and using up my internet connection to do so.


  If your worried about programs you've already installed, firewall software such as Zone Alarm will prevent or allow them to connect to the internet depending on what you choose. But as far as them running in the background and hogging system resources, this will require some cleanup on your part and possibly uninstalling & reinstalling of some of that software. If it's not already listed we will have some valuable information in our 'freebies' section on how you can clean up your own computer. We also offer this service for those who don't feel comfortable doing it themself.


Helpful Tips

You may be able to save some money. Check out the freebies section under 'Online Help'. There, you will find solutions to some common computer problems as well as free advice and detailed instructions on how to fix them!