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Clean Up - Make Your Computer Once Again Like New
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  Next we are going to remove countless useless files that have built up in various areas of your hard drive over time. This is quite important as your hard drive has to index all those files when searching for other ones. This will not only speed up your computer in general, but will also speed up your web surfing. We can do this manually, however thanks to a little built in Microsoft program, we can let it do the work for us. That said, there are some files and areas of the hard drive that have to be touched up manually, but for this exercise we are going to use Microsoft's "Disk Cleanup" program. In both Windows XP, and Windows Vista, you will need to navigate your Start Menu, and find the program called "Disk Cleanup", it is generally listed under "System Tools". Click on it, if you have multiple hard drives, it may ask you which drive to cleanup. We will choose the Operating System hard drive which on almost all computers is the (C:) Drive. Once the drive is selected, Disk Cleanup will scan your computer like in the picture below for any and all useless files that have scattered themselves across your computer.



  Once it's done scanning you will get a report of what Disk Cleanup found to be useless files on your computer. Notice in my picture below that it estimates that it cleanup 65GB worth of data! (If it can free up that much, imagine how much I'm using). Even I'm amazed that it found so much. That said I'm not going to clean up everything, but only the areas where these wasted files are slowing the performance of my computer. So let's make sure the following is checked.


  • Downloaded Program Files
  • Temporary Internet Files
  • Offline Webpages
  • Microsoft Error Reporting Temporary Files
  • Recycle Bin
  • Temporary Remote Desktop Files
  • Setup Log Files
  • Temporary Files
  • WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files



  Once you've selected the ones you wish to clean out, click ok. Disk Cleanup will do it's thing (which may take awhile depending on how many files it's clearing out).



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