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Clean Up - Make Your Computer Once Again Like New
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  Once you feel comfortable that everything is going slick so far, it's time to update some drivers. You've heard me mentioned these a couple times so far, drivers are defined as software that interfaces between the hardware and operating system allowing the hardware to function properly. Now if your technologically minded you may want to take this even farther than we are here, as we are going to simply allow windows update to search for them for us, and install new drivers along with updating our computer. Both which will help the efficient, smooth running of our systems. Many of you have automatic updates on, what you don't know is that automatic updates by default only install critical updates, ones that may jeapordise the safety of your machine. Things like drivers aren't considered a security risk if you don't update them. So we need to make windows update work for us. First, we need to open it up, Go to Start, and navigate your programs until you find "Windows Update", go ahead and click on it. Now if you haven't updated in a while you may have to install some patches to the windows update client. However, pay attention and at one point, like the picture below, it will give you the option to choose Express, or Custom updates.



  Click on Custom, here we will find additional updates that aren't installed with automatic updates. One you click Custom, it will search your computer, then bring up a list similar to the one I have below. On the left hand side notice I have High Priority, Software, Optional, and Hardware, Optional listed.



  If you click on "Hardware, Optional" it will give you a list of drivers, like I have below, that are newer than the ones it scanned on your computer. Also take notice that the boxes next to them aren't checked. That is because by default windows update doesn't install these updates.



  Let's go ahead and check them all so we make sure we get our updated drivers. Now since we are here let's get any High Priority updates that may be listed. You also may want to take a look at what's available under "Software, Optional" to see if there is anything in there you may want. I won't go into detail on that section as nothing there is pertinent to the efficient running of your computer. Once you're done shopping for updates, click the purple "Review and install updates" link. This will show you all the updates you had checked, and if it meets your approval go ahead and click the "Install Updates" button. This process will take a bit depending on how many updates you have, let it run it's course and at the end it will likely tell you that you need to restart your computer. Go ahead and do that.



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