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Clean Up - Make Your Computer Once Again Like New
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  Now we will go on to disarming the programs that remain. You will be amazed at just how much the programs you have installed are overtaking, and with some, overwhelming your computer. Here we get a little more technical, but don't worry, we'll make it easy on you. Go to your start menu, and click on Run. Here type in "msconfig" and click OK. That should bring a window up like the one below.



  From here, click on the "Startup" tab. Here, as in the picture below, you will see a list of programs, all with boxes next to them, and likely all those boxes are checked. Every box checked indicates a program that will launch in the background every time you start up your computer, whether you want it to or not. Right away you may notice in my picture that some of those boxes are unchecked, that's what we are going to do next.



  Take a look at the programs you have listed, except a few that may be linked to drivers and such, 90% of these can be unchecked. When you uncheck them, you are telling your computer to skip over loading that program on startup. If for some reason you uncheck a program that maybe you shouldn't have, you can repeat the steps to get back in here and simply add a checkbox next to it. From experience I know that the top 4 programs on my list are drivers, and are essential to proper function of some of my hardware. But as you can see on my list I have a scroll bar, and everything after ctfmon is unchecked indicating that I have quite the list of stuff I have unchecked and that no longer runs when I start my computer. If you go down the list, you will likely recognize some of them. Feel free to remove them at will. If you don't recognize the name, notice the next column labeled "Command" has the path where the file is located on the hard drive. You might want to expand this column in order to see the whole path. Looking at this command path may give you insight as to what the program is. The third column is registery entries, this isn't an area we need to worry about. The best way to find out what a program is if you don't know is to type it in a search engine such as Google exactly as you see it. You will find many sites that will tell you what the program is, and if it's safe to disable it. Some I would recommend are,,, and I have the advantage here as I have looked at these lists, and the websites I just mentioned and have memorized more of the common ones. But don't be afraid to take your time, and if you want, remove one or two at a time and reboot your computer each time. If something appears to not be working correctly, go back in and re-check the ones you unchecked. Once your done in here, click OK and reboot. Once your computer boots back up there will be a message saying the System Configuration Utility was used, check the box that says don't show this again, and go about your business.



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