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Clean Up - Make Your Computer Once Again Like New
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  So let's start. First, we will start at the heart of it. Removing unwanted and unused programs. Locate the "Add or Remove Programs" tool inside your control panel. In Windows Vista it is called "Program Manager". If you have alot of programs, or it's been awhile since you've cleaned out your computer, it may take awhile for the list of programs to be populated.



  You would be surprised at how little of these programs need to be in this list, in fact on many computers this list can be blank and still run fully functional. However on some computers, drivers required to properly operate your hardware may also show up on this list. That said, you can actually be quite liberal in removing programs. Take a look at what you have here on the list, and if you recognize the program as something that is not needed, then right click on it, and click uninstall. If there is a program in question, look it up online, and when in doubt, leave it. Because later, even though a program remains installed, we will show you how to prevent it from unnecessarily using up system resources. And with hard drives having the capacity they do these days, leaving a program installed will not likely use up space that is crucial for you to save. Once you have ciphered through and removed as many programs as you wanted to safely, it's best to reboot your computer. Many programs may even prompt you to restart your computer after you uninstall them.



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You may be able to save some money. Check out the freebies section under 'Online Help'. There, you will find solutions to some common computer problems as well as free advice and detailed instructions on how to fix them!