Computer Virus/Malware Removal

  It's amazing and frustrating how much software there is that threatens the stability of your electronic equipment. Not just your computer but other electronic devices that have software installed. It seems there is an army of people who are looking to exploit any weakness found in a programmers work of art. Many of us have been affected, or know someone who has been a victim of these small harmful programs that drive us nuts. It's not hard to get a virus, the amount of deception, all with the focus of taking advantage of you, is overwhelming.


  Spyware/Malware falls under the same catigory as viruses. No matter how you look at them they are programs that can be harmful to our computers, and can potentially have a large negative impact on our lives. Last year alone the top 5 most costly viruses were estimated to cost a total of 101.9 Billion dollars to those who fell victim to them. If you're included in that category; hopefully we can help. Our battle focuses on saving any irreplacable data first, then going after the virus with measures as strong as the situation calls for.


  Having plenty of 1st hand experience dealing with these situations we have many proven methods to rid your computer of these malicious programs, and to help you develope a defense that will prevent any future intrusions. If you need help please contact us! We also have some elementary methods listed in our freebies section so be sure to check those out as well!


Helpful Tips

You may be able to save some money. Check out the freebies section under 'Online Help'. There, you will find solutions to some common computer problems as well as free advice and detailed instructions on how to fix them!