Computer Upgrade

  Is your computer running slow? Maybe your computer is no longer meeting the system requirements. Don't want to spend the money getting a new machine? Then an upgrade is definitely something to consider. It's amazing how much a simple upgrade can do for your computer. We offer upgrades ranging from simple ram chip installation to extensive overhalls of your computer. You may be amazed at just how much a simple upgrade can improve your computer. That combined with some computer cleanup can have your computer working better than new. (See details about our computer cleanup service here.)


  Many already know how fast a computer can become outdated, what they don't know is it's often one or two parts that are going outdated while the rest are still more than sufficient to meet and exceed their needs. Upgrading your current machine is a way of meeting your needs while saving you money.  Many computers are built with room to expand, so before needlessly spending money on a new computer, consider if upgrading may be more beneficial and cost effective for you.


  Upgrading isn't limited to hardware, sometimes you need to upgrade your software. This could be your operating system, your drivers, or simply a new version of a program your already using. Some software programs have proven to increase the productivity, enhance security, and decrease costs.


  Sometimes upgrading may seem like the right option, but often all you really need is a software cleanup. It doesn't take long before your computer is saturated with useless files, and unwanted programs hogging your system resources. So before you decide to spend money on an upgrade we recommend researching all the different ways to cleanup your computer, restoring it to how it was when it was new. We offer this service. We also offer free tips and instructions on how you can do this for yourself. For those wanting to save some money, please check out the Freebies section of our website.


  We offer site to site service. There is no need for you to bring your computer to us, we come to you free of charge (within a 30 minute response time from Port Angeles, basically from the East County limits, to Joyce, though it can vary depending on construction, accidents, etc..). No need to dis-assemble your machine, and spend your time and gas, let us come to you. Live farther away? You can still save as we don't charge travel time until after the first 30 minutes is up, after that is the normal hourly rate.


  If you're curious as to whether an upgrade, or another option is right for you please email or call us and let us know your situation, we'd be happy to discuss your options with you so you can decide what is the best course of action for you to take.



Helpful Tips

Did you know that building your own computer - or having one built for you - can allow you to have top brand parts in a quality built machine while saving money compared to the cost of a computer from most major manufactures such as Dell or Hewlett Packard?