Computer Sales

We offer custom built machines that are built to order, this means you only pay for the things you want in your computer. We only use quality parts, and our prices are often considerably lower than an equal machine offered by most major corporations (Dell, HP/Compaq, Gateway/eMachine, IBM, Acer, etc..).


We warranty parts and labor on all our new computers for 2 years. That said, because these are custom built computers, and because we use reputable brand parts in our machines, most of the parts have warranties that extend longer than the 2 years covered by us. For detailed information regarding our warranties please click here.


We offer free delivery and setup (within Clallam County) on all new PC purchases.


We have great flexibility with custom computers that you don't get with proprietary machines. This way we can build a computer that best suits your needs/environment, from high end multimedia and gaming machines, to budgeted basic use computers. Want your computer to have a certain look, don't want a bunch of unwanted software on your machine, want more options to upgrade later? These are things that having a custom built computer can do for you. Here are some points on how a custom computer benefits you versus a proprietary machine.


  • Non-proprietary parts, meaning it's fully upgradable, giving you freedom to upgrade anything you would like too, or simply just what you need too, saving you money.
  • No unwanted software, many computer manufacturers install alot of unwanted software even in new PC's using up system resources before you've even had a chance to use it.
  • All quality parts. No cheap "moneymaker" parts hidden inside your machine. This means your computer doesn't have any weak points allowing all the parts to run at full capacity.
  • Recieve all the CD's/Manuals that come with all the software you want installed on your machine. Many proprietary machines come with the software already loaded on, but what happens if you lose your data and need to reinstall?
  • Get only the hardware/software that you want/need, and don't pay extra for the stuff you don't.
  • Freedom for anyone to work on your machine, not just the manufacturer who made it.
  • Get options to fit any special needs that may not be available as a common item through a proprietary manufacturer.
  • Don't pay twice for software you already own. Many times included in the cost of the computer is software that is loaded on that you may already own. Why pay twice?
  • Standard operating system. Most manufacturers include one of the major operating systems like Microsoft Windows but it is modified to suit their company.
  • Save money by using parts you have now, like your current keyboard? Good, no need to buy a new one then! (Provided the manufacturer of your current keyboard uses a standard, non-proprietary plug in).
  • Overclocking options will allow your PC to run at it's full potential!
  • RAID (Redundant array of inexpensive disks) options will allow you to combine hard drives to split the work for increase performance, or mirror the data for increase security and preservation of data.
  • And more!


We hope you will consider us when thinking about purchasing a new computer. We offer free quotes/estimates so please email, or call us and let us know what you're looking for. Our pricing is very basic, there are not hidden, or deceptive fees. We are very open, and happy to discuss any and all details of your transaction. The same goes for the computers we sell. We want you to be familiar with everything you're purchasing so that you are comfortable and happy with your purchase. Because we build to order we do require payment up front once a computer and price is agreed upon, and a sale is made.


Helpful Tips

Did you know that building your own computer - or having one built for you - can allow you to have top brand parts in a quality built machine while saving money compared to the cost of a computer from most major manufactures such as Dell or Hewlett Packard?