Computer Repair

  It can be quite frustrating when your computer starts acting up. There are so many different variables in each situation that finding the right fix can be difficult. Something as simple as a RAM chip, or a faulty power supply can generate a countless amount of errors that can lead you down all kinds of dead ends attempting to fix them. We have the experience and resources to diagnose and fix those problems. The average computer's life span today is about 2 and a half years before hardware begins to malfunction, and just over a year before software starts noticeably hindering your system.


  Repairs can range from simple software and operating system fixes, to extensive hardware replacement. Repairs can even mean an upgrade as replacements to both fix the problem your having, and enhance your computer at the same time. With technology growing as fast as it does, it can actually be cheaper to repair your computer using higher end new technology parts, than to try and hunt down the same parts your computer came with, mainly due to them becoming obsolete and hard to find. The benefit is that you're left with something better than what you had in the first place.


 Since we offer on-site repair, there is no need for you to bring your computer in. We come to you free of charge (within a 30 minute response time from Port Angeles, basically from the East County limits, to Joyce, though it can vary depending on construction, accidents, etc..). This means you don't have to worry about unhooking and rehooking up your computer, you save your time, and gas! Our hourly charge doesn't start until arrival. Live farther away? You can still save as we don't charge travel until after the first 30 minutes is up, after that we charge the normal hourly rate.


  Our hourly rates are very competitive, if you are in need of repair we hope you will consider us. Most computers are repaired the same day. We offer free estimates via email or phone so you can get a rough idea of what to expect.


Helpful Tips

You may be able to save some money. Check out the freebies section under 'Online Help'. There, you will find solutions to some common computer problems as well as free advice and detailed instructions on how to fix them!