Computer Overclocking

With a few tweaks, adjustments, and possibly some minor hardware upgrades a computer's potential can be unlocked by overclocking various computer components. Though there are risks if this procedure is done incorrectly, the rewards in performance increase can be well worth having it done. If you find your computer is seeming inadequate to meet your needs and upgrading is to costly, it may be worth it to look into bumping up the speed of your current computer. With a proper configuration you can safely and comfortably increase your computer's speed by up to 50 percent, and in some cases more! For example, a 2.6ghz processor can be bumped up to a 3.9ghz processor by adjusting some configurations in both the software and hardware of your PC. Overclocking is not limited to your CPU (Processor), but other items that effect the overall speed of your computer such as your RAM and Video Card can be overclocked as well.


As mentioned there are risks with this procedure, if done incorrectly overclocking could result in physically damaging your computer components. If you do not feel comfortable doing this yourself we recommend consulting a professional. Though overclocking itself usually requires no additional hardware, in some cases, depending on preferences, there may be a need for additional equipment such as cooling equipment. Though most can, not all processors can be overclocked, and the amount of overclocking they can handle varies case to case.


This can also be done to new computers! This is one more reason to buy a custom computer. Custom computers give you the freedom and flexibility to overclock your computer even when its fresh off the line. Where manufacturers are limited in the speeds they allow due to restrictions and inferior quality components and design, custom computers using quality parts and a superior design can allow a new computer to reach speeds that aren't even available as an option through most computer manufacturers and companies.


Contact us if you think this is something you are interested in. If you're simply needing to restore your computer to the speed it had when it was brand new than you may be interested in our computer clean up services.


Helpful Tips

People often ask for advice regarding software recommendations. In many cases there are free or open source (also free) applications that meets or exceeds their needs. We have compiled a large inventory of these programs in one place under our 'free software' section. These aren't just applications that will suffice; these applications are equivalent to or even better than ones you would pay for.