Computer Installation

  Want to set up video conferencing using a webcam? Need to install a new operating system? Perhaps you simply need help setting up your new computer. We offer a wide range of services to help you set up your new programs and hardware, or even a complete computer! Maybe you just bought a new printer and want to install it on a network so more than one computer can use it, or maybe you'd like to setup a wireless router so you can connect with your laptop anywhere in your house/yard. Whatever the need, we are happy to help.


  Maybe you've bought a new computer but are having difficulty configuring it, or possibly don't have the means to transport it or set it up at your work station, either way we can help. Many times with new computers there are many things that are initially overlooked that are essential to your computer running strong. It could be making sure unwanted software isn't running in the background, or helping change settings from their defaults to what best suits your needs. Though this isn't one of the more difficult things to do, I get alot of requests to help new PC buyers set up their computers. Often they buy additional items that arn't already pre-installed like wireless routers, and printers, or they buy upgrades, like a new operating system and want to install it but not sure how. Even knowledgable users often need help with things that are out of the ordinary such as setting up their bios properly, or configuring their new software to run correctly. Maybe you are needing help transferring your data off your old computer onto your new one.


  This is a service we can offer since we do on-site requests.  We come to your house for repairs and other services, we are also happy to deliver, setup, and configure your new PC. We don't charge travel for areas within a 30 minute response time from Port Angeles. (Basically from the East County line to Joyce). And anything that takes longer, we don't start charging until after the 30 minutes of travel is up, so either way you save. After that we charge our normal hourly rate. If you're interested please email, or give us a call. We offer free estimates so you can get a rough idea of what to expect.


Helpful Tips

People often ask for advice regarding software recommendations. In many cases there are free or open source (also free) applications that meets or exceeds their needs. We have compiled a large inventory of these programs in one place under our 'free software' section. These aren't just applications that will suffice; these applications are equivalent to or even better than ones you would pay for.