Computer Cleanup

  If you find your computer is not running up to speed anymore, this may be something for you to consider. It's amazing just how quickly software can clog up our systems and slow them down to almost unbearable speeds. Unlike times past, almost all software you install today wants to always be running on your computer, both on startup and in the background. If that's not enough, more often than not they also want to connect to the internet for various reasons. The worst of it is, this all happens in the background without you knowing it. If this is what the programs we choose to install do, what about ones we don't want such as viruses and malware. Not to mention all the files created by these programs that are using up memory and needlessly filling up your hard drive. Did you know that when you surf the internet you download handfulls of files with every page you visit? Many that load to multiple locations on your hard drive and sit there dormant until someone hunts them down and deletes them.


  After awhile of installing and using programs on your computer, they can get to the point that they conflict with each other causing unwanted delays and errors in your computer running as it should. Even when you uninstall a program, rarely does it remove everything it brought with it upon installation.


  We offer a wide variety of services all aimed at restoring your computer to running like new again. Included are the following:


  • Uninstall and remove unwanted, and unused programs, plus search out files left behind and remove them too.
  • Disable programs from running all the time in the background, thus freeing up system resources for the programs you want to run. 
  • Remove programs from automatically starting upon booting the computer. They should only start up when you choose to run them. (Some you may want to keep running on startup.)
  • Update your operating system, drivers, and any other software pertinent to the efficient operation of your computer.
  • Remove countless files scattered across your harddrive that are useless to your computer, taking up storage space, and system resources.
  • Delete cookies and other temporary internet files.
  • Virus and Spyware/Malware removal.
  • Organize start menu programs and desktop icons.
  • Remove constant and repetitive errors causing the computer to hang which can be rooted in system files or registry entries.
  • Check for hardware failure to ensure that the slow downs are not caused by something beyond software and operating system troubles.
  • Clean up dust and dirt that can build up inside the computer, that not only can hinder performance, but actually cause damage to your PC.
  • Configure system settings for optimal performance.
  • Install and configure measures to help prevent a reoccurance of these problems.


  For those wishing to save some money, we have walkthroughs to many of these steps on our freebies section for those who are comfortable performing this maintenance themselves.


  If this service sounds like something you need please email, or call us to set up an appointment. We offer on-site service so there is no need to bring your computer to us, as we come to you free of charge! (within a 30 minute response time from Port Angeles, basically this means from the East Clallam County limits near Diamond Point rd all the way out to Joyce). Even those outside of a 30 minute response time can save money as we don't start charging until the first 30 minutes is up, after that we charge our normal hourly rate.