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Professional WebsiteEvery package includes a fully functional professional website.
Domain Name Registration/Transfer (1Yr)We can register new domains (www.yourdomain.com) or transfer existing ones.
Business Email (@yourdomain.com)Complimenting your domain is your own unique business class email giving you and your business @yourdomain.com email addresses.
Number of PagesWhile each package includes a set number of pages, additional pages can be added in at anytime. 1-10 11-30 31-60
Database IntegrationFull database integration is included with every package providing your site with SQL resources to meet even the most intensive database demands.
Search Engine SubmissionWe submit your site for inclusion into various search engines starting with the more popular such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, Ask, AOL Search, and onto many others to make your site available across a variety of platforms. Furthermore we also submit your website to various business specific and speciality search engines as well. 10+ 20+ 30+
Initial Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)S.E.O.'s are a precise calculated labor focusing on ranking your website in search engine returns. Initial S.E.O.'s are important to both better rank, and correctly represent your online presence.
Custom HTMLAll HTML is fully customizable to bend, flex and shape as needed specific to your website in producing the desired end result.
User Friendly Administrative Control PanelOur control panel is quite easy to use without limiting the control you have over your website. No programming or technical background is required.
Site SearchA stand-alone embedded search engine giving visitors the ability to search pages, modules, and anything else incorporated into the website.
Custom ModulesWith our database integration comes the ability to have custom modules loaded into your website.
Online Directory PlacementsSimilar to the traditional phone book and yellow pages, directories provide both local and nationwide customers with online listings when looking for spedific goods or services. 10+ 20+ 30+
MultimediaYour website will come fully equipped to handle any audio and video enhancements
Custom FormsUsing the latest in CMS and SQL technology we can build you a wide array of custom forms for your website. Estimate builders, order forms, questionaires, feedback, contact us forms, or any other form you would like built.{end-tooltip)
Download ModuleHave menus, files, directions, PDF files or anything else you would like visitors to be able to download? Not only does this module add that capability, but it's ease of use allows you to add, change, and delete the download files with ease at anytime.
Advertising ModuleFor customers that want to allow third party ads on their website as such can generate revenue, we install advertising modules that are fully functional with most major advertising firms such as Google Adsense and Yahoo! Publisher Network
Google Analytics IntegrationGoogle Analytics is one of the most sophisticated visitor tracking systems available to any website. In addition to visitor counts, it will tell you their location, how long they were on the site, which pages they were looking at, how they found your site, which site they came in from, left to, and more. Plus it can be integrated into your ad campaigns and social networking pages as well.
Google +1 IntegrationGoogle +1 gives your customers the ability to "like" your site thus recommending it to friends on the Google network, and ultimate improving your search engine ranking.
Google Ad CampaignWe design a Google ad campaign that target customers based on criteria related to your business such as type, keywords, and geographic location. Your ad will not only display on Google itself, but also various websites relating to your business. Ad costs are not included.
Facebook Business Page and IntegrationSocial Networking with your business is a way of not only increasing exposure, but to keep customers and clients updated as well. In addition to your website we create a full Facebook business page with links, graphics, and more to compliment your website. Plus we impliment Facebook access into your website so those familiar with Facebook can easily follow your business.
Blog IntegrationBlog/Forum capabilities are added to the site. For those that wish, we can create an entire forum based website.
Secure Socket Layer SupportSecure Socket Layers enable encrypted, authenticated communication across the internet for sensitve information.
E-commerce functionalityShopping carts, product listings, inventory, and navigation features will be added allowing customers to shop your website.
Secure Checkout via Paypal/GoogleProviding customers with a way to pay they are comfortable with while providing you an affordable way to receive the funds.
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These packages are flexible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, custom estimates and consultation are free.