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Un-Metered Storage & Bandwidth No set caps on the amount of storage or bandwidth allotment. We do not regulate or restrict the amount of storage or data transfer available to our customers.
99.9% Uptime (Statistics as of 2014)We house multiple servers locally and in various remote locations on battery backed/UPS circuits to maintain network integrity in the event of any unforseen system failure. We cannot promise 100% uptime as some events cannot be foreseen and/or are unavoidable.
Regular BackupsIn our focus on preserving both our and our customers data, our servers go through various automatic and manual backups to both our local and remote servers.
High Speed Multi-Core/Thread Super Speed ServersOur primary and backup servers house multi-core processors and solid state storage to provide the fastest in server transactions.
Technical SupportWith all hosting packages we offer consistent technical support from our local staff via phone, email, and remote access. Session time may be subject to our regular hourly rate.

Remote Access Setup*We've included this as part of the Pro and Elite packages as an offer that HelperTek will take care of all the needed initial setup via remote access so your business is ready to take full advantage of it's online presence. We can help with things such as tutoring employees remotely or accessing all the computers in the office to configure their new business email. The variety of technical service we offer here is hardly limited. We want to make sure you're both ready and comfortable and all your needs are met so you're able to hit the ground running.

Remote Access Maintenance**In addition to remote access setup (above) is our remote access maintenance. As part of our total care "Elite" package, this is designed to have HelperTek staff not only take care of all initial setup as in the Pro package, but all continuing related setup and maintenance via remote access as well. As you will see below, this includes much more than taking care of updates and maintenance, but beyond that to full backup services, ongoing search engine optimizations, and pretty much any other related labor need.
Email Specific Features:
Unique Email Addresses ( your domain registration is your own business class email. This allows you and your business to have professional email addresses. Email addresses can be added to any package for $3/mo each.
Powerful SPAM PreventionWe take extensive measures in eliminating SPAM on multiple levels. Our servers employing rapid DNS Based SPAM database crosschecks as well as many other protocols and IP address filtering to help keep your Inbox free of junk email.
Any Device Email AccessPC, laptop, Mac, iPAD, Tablet, Smartphone, Private Computer, Public Computer, any standard web browser or email client. We virtually support all standard email platforms via browsers, computers, phones, and any other standard email capable hardware.
Any Email Software AccessWe support virtually all standard email client software such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Essentials, Outlook Express, etc. and other standard email capable software across all platforms.
Email Synchronization Across All Connected DevicesMost businesses and consumers check their email at multiple stations or on multiple devices (or would like too). Unlike older technology we support all new standard email protocols such as IMAP and IMAP PUSH. This allows email consistency from one device to the next. You can see the same email, folders, and email status from one device to another or from one location to another. And this consistency is virtually instantaneous. For example, if both your phone and your computer are logged into your email and you mark an email as read on your phone, it will immediately be marked as read on your computer as well. Likewise, if a new email comes in, a notification will be made on all devices logged in that are configured to do so.
IMAP, POP3, SMTP, Secondary SMTPMany hosts only support older protocols. We support both old protocols and new ones to broaden the compatibility and to make full use of the latest in email technology.
Simultaneous AccessWe support simultaneous access from multiple people and devices. For example, this allows for a multiple employees to have simultaneous access to a blanket email such as helpdesk@ or info@ This protocol also allows for multiple concurrent connections to be made from numerous stations and devices as well. In this case, if one computer, say your business computer downloaded your email at work, you would still be able to view that same email from home. Once the client equipment is configured so, our servers sync everyone that's connected so the continuity remains regardless of how many connections are made.
Email to Text MessagingOlder phones that don't support email or data access can have their emails delivered to their phones via text messaging services. This service may not be available with all carriers or may be sized down or rejected by text messaging restrictions.
Unique Web Access InterfaceThese packages come with a unique webmail interface customized for your business.
Backup MX ServiceWhile any package can add this, the Elite package includes our backup MX service. This service sets up redundancy for all incoming email to your business. In the rare event of a network or power outage the backup MX service kicks in to ensure no incoming emails are missed. The backup MX service runs off partner servers located around the world and can store incoming emails up to seven days.
Shared FoldersShared folders can be setup across your domain as folders that everyone who has an email account on your domain can access to view, upload, or download content from. It's accessed just like any other folder in your email.
Web Specific Features:
HTML, Java, SSI, PHP, Flash, CSS, CMS, .htaccessWe support a full array of programming languages and server side includes giving your website the freedom to have unlimited features and possibilities.
Un-Metered DatabasesWe do not restrict the number of databases nor the amount of tables within those databases. We want your site to grow too!
Ad-Free, Banner FreeWe do not impose any ads or banners on the sites of those we host for. That said, our customers can place ads and banners on their own sites as they wish.
Domain Registration PrivacyWithout this anyone can look online in a whois database and find the registrars personal information such as full name, address, and phone number.
Domain Name Registration/RenewalIncluded in the latter two packages is perpetual domain registrations and renewal. This saves you money and eliminates the risk of your domain name expiring and someone else taking it before you've had a chance to renew it.
FTP AccessFTP (File Transfer Protocol) access is for those who would like direct access to their web files to more easlily change, upload, or download files in bulk. This is recommended for things like uploading multiple pictures, flash videos, downloads, music, or to directly edit programming within the files of a website. We also offer FTP as a way for customers to backup their data on our servers.
Website Population*While our control panels are easy to use and require no programming knowledge, many of our customers prefer to have us populate their information into their website. While we are able to build the site and do just about everything involving it, we cannot fill it with information about your company we do not know. And even if we did know we may not word it or present it the way you would like. What this offers is that all you need to do is get the information to us and we will take care of putting it on the site the way you would like. Email it, hand it to us, tell us, whatever way is easiest for you to give us the information; we'll put it on the website.
Website Updates & Maintenance**Similar to above, this includes us taking care of any ongoing changes or updates to your website. If at anytime you have a special offer or would like to add, remove, or in anyway make changes to your website you simply need to let us know what you want and we'll do it!
Sub/Add-On DomainsIn addition to your regular domain name we offer up to 50 sub or add-on domains. For example, if you owned a sub domain would be or We can also setup add-on domains such as
Ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO's)This is perhaps one of our most popular features. We spend a fair amount of time each month laboring to keep your website ranking high on search engine returns. Search engines have a complex formula in how they decide who's going to rank higher in search returns bases on a wide array of items. Obviously a higher rank is like a bigger ad, it's important that your listings not get buried underneath your competitors or under useless returns altogether.
Annual discounts available.
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Packages can be customized, most items can be added on if not already included. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, custom estimates and consultation are free.

*Combined total of 8 hours labor and may only be available remotely. Min. 1 year commitment.

**Combined total of 2 hours labor per month and may only be available remotely. Min. 1 year commitment.

Additional labor billed at regular hourly rate. On-site technical work is available in some areas.