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CPU-Z 1.52 2.39 MB Download 9

  This is the best tool when it comes to examining what's on your motherboard and all the statistics revolving it. If your simply curious, or you wish to overclock, this tool is a must to ensure your computer is running up to snuff. Alot of the information this program retieves would take hours, or may even be impossible to find out if you've lost the documentation to your RAM, motherboard, or CPU.

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TCPView 166.55 KB Download 7

  TCPView allows you to view all the behind-the-scenes connections your computer is making with the outside world. Any program running in the background, or any outside intruder trying to get in. TCPView lets you see all of them. It monitors which program are trying to access other zones such as the internet, what type of connection they are making, which IP address they are connecting too, and even which port they are using. Its an excellent tool when one is worried about security.

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MP3 My MP3 2.0 5.78 MB Download 5

  The name is weird, but the program is sound. It's an excellent utility to record anything put through your sound card. This means any sound your sound card can play, (games, youtube, microphone, etc..) you can record. Plus it has an array of options for you to change, alter, and enhance those sounds. It has a nice graphic interface, and it can save in various file types such as wav or mp3.

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